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From prospect : Here is what we are thinking of doing to accomplish our goal, please let us know: Do you have a better idea of how to achieve the same result? Are the concerns we have valid? Please explain. What would you charge to develop the below method or your suggested method? We have some employees at our small company that don’t have consistent start and end times on their timesheets (even if the schedule is consistent), so we want to build scripts that would allow us to: Create a single google sheet with a tab for each employee that only that employee can edit for a single 2-week period; Although we could create separate sheets for each employee and use IMPORTRANGE in a master sheet to combine them, that would not make it easy to initially setup, to add employees, edit default schedules or create new sheets each period If any employee doesn’t have a google account already, we would make a new account that those employees can use (so that they don’t have to create one) Because of this, we can’t use simple restriction settings to limit who can edit each tab based on their account I believe we also can’t use forms without them all having their own account (and I’m not sure it has the functionality to allow them to go back and edit what they already submitted) When a user opens the Google Sheets link, we want the script to achieve the following: Whether they open on either a computer browser or ANY mobile phone (apple or android), the script should run the same way (I believe this is possible with the correct code structure from what I’ve read googling this, but there seem to be multiple methods, not all of which work properly) A popup box upon opening the sheet should ask for their UserID (and I’d label the tabs with their ID) i. Something like this could be adapted: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29859759/how-to-get-user-input-in-string-form-on-a-google-script Once the ID is entered correctly, the script should select the tab labeled with that ID (thus easy to add new employees without editing the script) and prevent editing other tabs: i. Then the script should either hide all other sheets or prevent clicking another tab as long as that doesn’t mess up other users that are also logged into the sheet One way I saw is in theselinks, not sure if that affect other users editing the sheet though: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38671585/how-do-i-hide-all-sheets-except-one-in-google-sheets https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42078432/hide-multiple-sheets-based-on-a-cell-value In Excel a simple method is just adding this code to ThisWorksheet, not sure how to do it in Google Sheets: Private Sub Workbook_SheetDeActivate(ByVal Sh As Object) Application.EnableEvents = False Sh.Activate Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub ii. An even better way would be to mimic Excel’s method to have tabs not ‘hidden’ but rather not even shown/clickable; e.g. in Excel you’d uncheck Options -> Advanced -> Display Options -> “Show Sheet Tabs” checkbox In addition, if an Admin ID is entered they should be allowed to edit all tabs (i.e. to add employees or change default schedules) The end goal is that at the end of the period: I’d export to Excel and write VBA macros myself that loop through each tab to consolidate the timesheets into our master Excel file for calculating various pay types/hours, email verifications, payroll, invoicing, etc. Then I’d move the google sheet to an archive folder (or not if I know I captured the data properly) and then replace the primary link with a blank template again for the next period (& add employees or upd
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